• 1
    Step 1 - We receive a set of drawings. Generally we price to a specification but quite often we design our installations ourselves.
  • 2
    Step 2 - We meet the client and have a pre contract meeting. We discuss the clients requirements, and offer our proposal, with examples of products and finishes for accessories.
  • 3
    Step 3 - We meet our engineers on site, talk through the project, discuss proposed routes and set project timelines. 1st fix commences.
  • 4
    Step 4 - Normally after a break of a few weeks whilst the project is boarded, plastered and painting begins, Then the 2nd fix starts. This is where the project really starts taking shape with light fittings going up and face plates being installed.
  • 5
    Step 5 - Once 2nd fix is completed, we complete final testing and issue a certificate. Then we complete a customer handover. We talk you through the consumer end of the installation, explain and show how the heating controls work and finish the set up of audio and wireless data networks.
  • 6
    Step 6 - This is the step that puts us ahead of our competitors. After a job is complete and our engineers leave site, our support doesn't end there. A lot of local companies are near impossible to get in contact with once the final account is settled, whereas we still do maintenance on jobs we completed 10 years ago.

Seafront Home


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EV charging

Electric vehicles are the future of transport, with legislation in place to ensure that the UK is set to ban the sale of combustion engine vehicles by 2030, and furthermore hybrid vehicles by 2035, Unless you plan on cycling, you’ll likely be travelling via electric vehicle.


Commercial electrical projects require additional attention to public safety, and also the need to fit a desired aesthetic. The current trend in commercial electrics is an industrial look, exposed cable tray and steel conduit supplying accessories all of which to be surface mounted and on display. Whereas 10 years ago the majority of wiring would be hidden in ceiling voids, we now find ourselves with no ceiling void whatsoever, and often concrete ceilings left open. This requires a higher level of workmanship and attention to details that Johnson M & E Group LTD is able to deliver.

Domestic & Landlords

Domestic Services

At Johnson M & E Group we are passionate about electrics. For functionality you need the right amount of power points in the right locations, and lighting that can be both functional, and aesthetically pleasing. If you have paid an architect to design beautiful sweeping arches and stone masons to build stone and brickwork pillars, the right lighting will accentuate these features and bring the most out of your build.

We have the skills and knowledge to get your project completed within budget, without sacrificing workmanship or high quality materials. If you have an upcoming project on the horizon, please call us to book a consultation, we have meeting rooms and an in house Autocad Designer to aid in putting your ideas to paper, and large team of skilled engineers to put your plans into reality.

Electrical Projects Design

At Johnson M & E Group Ltd. We have years of experience in designing electrical installations. With many of our projects being directly on the south coast sea front, we know what products will withstand the battering winter rain, winds and salt water damage caused by the English channel.

We start by setting up a client meeting at the property we will potentially be working at, walking through the project with a blank layout, and discuss the functionality the client wishes to achieve. Once our notes are made and accessories/appliances are decided, we use AutoCAD to design electrical drawings for our engineers to work to.